Is your product a yet ?

Improve and optimize your product or service through insightful feedback and create a truly bestselling product.

The C³ Formula


Your customer's language is broad and varied. By asking the right questions you will learn how to connect with your target audience on their communication-level so that they will understand your business and product fully.

We will develop clever feedback-loops so that you embrace your customer's communication skills fully.


Persona, avatar, buyer or target audience. In the end you want to sell your product to the right person. That is the only way that they will fully enjoy it and recommend it to others.

Would your customer buy a surprise box from you - without any hesitation?


Online marketing is a jungle with infinite possibilities. But not every "best practice tip" will make your product a true cas-cow. Your basis: communication + customer need to be in tune.

Let's find out which marketing channel is your customer magnet. So that marketing is more fun again!

Your unique Dialogue Concept

Do you already have a running business including a product? But you feel like there is more potential there to discover?

Do you want to  your marketing – make it more consistent and more fun with great results?

Or do you want to find out if you have actually found the right target audience? 

Great – with The C³ Formula we will discover your unique Dialogue Concept. This is your tool to create a bestselling product or service in your business!

Optimizing your product (hence more revenue) can be done from various points of view- Ask yourself: WHY is my product not a bestseller already? Maybe you have been following all those best practice tips. And that’s the issue!

It’s about time to become a unique business and surprise the market. 

My out-of-the-box methods will support you finding the right product-market-fit and have a great shift of your perspective. 

The Dialogue Concept provides an individual actionplan that will guide you through the process of understanding your real target audience (apart from theoretical constructs). Your communication skills will be more effective and spot-on and your marketing channel will match your business and cost less effort.  

Sounds like a great adventure, doesn’t it? Then apply now for your discovery call. Let’s talk. I listen.

4 Stages Journey

To find out how to create a bestselling product or service.

Stage 1

What is your biz status quo?

Stage 2

We create your unique Dialogue Concept

Stage 3

Take action: Implement your new strategy and tactics!

Stage 4

We optimize your Dialogue Concept furthermore with your newest insights.

Discover the 4 Stages

Stage 1: Status Quo

Stage 1 starts before our 1:1 Workshop. You receive a strategy survey to create an overview of your current situation. Once this is done you will receive creative tasks to see your product or service from a fresh new perspective.

Goals of stage 1:

  • Overview of your current ressources and processes to understand how you operate right now 
  • Finding out what your Unique Selling Point might be (we will deep-dive into that later on)
  • Entdecke deinen Kunden aus einem neuen Blickwinkel Discover your real customer from an unseen point of view
Stage 2: Dialogue Concept

Intensive 1:1 Workshop where we focus on your vision. We create your powerful Dialogue Concept that will match your product / service with your real customers. This is your foundation of a bestseller!

Goals of stage 2:

  • A concept board of your unique C³ formula – your real target audience, your perfect channel and the right communication type to generate sales. 
  • Authentic understanding of your target audience and how to make your market more predictable
  • This knowledge will help you scale and grow your business with ease and joy!
Stage 3: Action!

This stage is where you take action – guided through your Dialogue Concept including me as your sparring partner! Now is the time to experiment and enjoy the ride! You will implement your first Feedback-Loop to open up an honest dialogue between your business and your target audience. 

Goals of stage 3:

  • Testing, testing, testing – driving valuable insights from your feedback-loops to get results
  • Achieving relevant milestones for find out more about your customer needs and expectations
Stage 4: Optimization

You are transiting from action towards optimization. Now is the time for a deep-dive into your business goals. We adjust your dialogue concept furthermore and find alignment between your vision and your true target audience. Now you are ready to open your continious feedback-loop and KNOW what your customer’s desires are at any time!

Goals of stage 4:

  • Clarity about the type of feedback loop that works best for your business (and you!)
  • Understanding how to get honest answers from your customers – and therefore adapting to their needs 
  • Defining further milestones for your bestselling product / service

Hey, I'm Klaudia.

Ease and joy in business and life. Those are my core values I bring into my work-life on a daily basis. 

Very often I see entrepreneurs at all stages getting lost in meaningless tasks and to dos. The effect? Their product or service stay eeeeeh ok. They are doing so much, following the next „ultimate tip“ or creating the „perfect funnel“… you understand what I mean here. 

In 2018 I founded POLE DANCR – a lifestyle brand for … wait-for-it… pole dancers. The main product: sustainable eco polewear. Besides that I organized high prized pole dance workshops with international pole dancers, online courses and I love to entertain and motivate my community through the POLE DANCE PODCAST (including some English episodes, if you are curious). 

Since 2015 I’ve been obsessed with validating and optimizing business ideas and creating successful business models. 

Dialog Konzept mit Klaudia Wichmann

My work focuses on discovering potentials of a product or service through insightful high-quality feedback from potential customers. Through my experience in the startup industry (especially Germany and New Zealand, now adding Spain to that list) I developed an intuitive radar how to validate a project and grow it and when it’s time to pivot – and what type of pivot is necessary. In classical business administration (that’s the field I graduated with a Master’s degree in) you could call it change management. But I think that term is dull and boring (while the acutal process is exciting and fun!).

What I value most while working with my clients: openness to new, sometimes unconventional approaches and adventurousness. My motto: „Do and think about things out of the box!“. Mainstream is what everone else does. 

Are you ready to hit that next level and finally get the sales your product / service can create? Then hit the button! Can’t wait to get to know you.